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Today's big stories

  1. Elon Musk bared his teeth at Apple in a fight over in-app payments
  2. Here’s how hedge funds are investing right now, and how you can copy what they’re doing – Read Now
  3. A key German index suggested the country’s economy could be looking up

That’s My Slice Of Pie

That’s My Slice Of Pie

What’s Going On Here?

Twitter and Apple look set to collide over Apple’s slice of scrumptious in-app purchases.

What Does This Mean?

Elon Musk has spent the last few weeks throwing his weight around inside Twitter HQ, but it seems he’s found a new sparring partner in the world’s biggest company. The cause of the brewing bust-up is the sizable chunk that Apple takes from in-app purchases – a reported 15 to 30%. No wonder that’s irked Musk, whose vision for Twitter sees the company relying less on advertising dollars and more on subscription fees. So if Apple – or, indeed, Google’s parent company Alphabet – wants to help itself to a piece of Twitter's new blue tick subscription bounty, they could find themselves with quite a scrap on their hands.

Why Should I Care?

Zooming out: Apple’s here to serve.
Musk has taken aim at Apple’s future prize pig: services. But you can bet the titan of Silicon Valley will do its best to save its bacon. After all, Apple's services business currently brings in around 20% of the firm's sales, and is more important than ever now that demand for iPhones is slowing. And sales from services, which include fees and subscriptions from apps, are extra appealing given that they’re recurring and reliable. In short, Musk’s shot across the bow has probably struck a nerve at Apple HQ.

The bigger picture: Get the popcorn.
A whole heap of tech firms have been lobbying lawmakers in a bid to lower app-store fees, yet Apple and Alphabet have succeeded in shrugging off their challenges so far. Twitter could be different, mind you: the platform’s a near-essential megaphone these days, and both Apple and Alphabet use Twitter to get their message to the masses. So if this is the opening volley in a lengthy standoff, it’ll be fascinating to see which of the titans ends up waving the white flag.

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Analyst Take

Goldman’s Report Reveals Hedge Funds’ 50 Favorite Stocks

Goldman’s Report Reveals Hedge Funds’ 50 Favorite Stocks

By Luke Suddards, Analyst

As the name suggests, hedge funds are supposed to do one thing really well: hedging

That means they should be able to successfully take opposing long and short positions, designed to protect their positions and enhance their returns under any market conditions. 

So given today’s challenging investing environment, it feels like prime time to take a peek at Goldman Sachs’s latest deep dive into hedge fund activity

That’s today’s Insight: what Goldman Sachs found out about hedge fund strategies, and how you can take a leaf out of their book.

Read or listen to the Insight here

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Germany’s Shy Smile

Germany’s Shy Smile

What’s Going On Here?

The German economy has had it rough lately, but data out on Wednesday suggests the nation’s firms expect things to brighten up.

What Does This Mean?

Researchers at the Ifo Institute call around 9,000 German execs every month and ask them a litany of questions about the health of their businesses and their outlook for the future. Those Ifo boffins turn the intel into the Ifo Index, widely seen as Germany’s most important leading economic indicator. And let’s not jinx it, but the latest reading – 86.3, up from 84.5 in October – is actually decent (tweet this). Let’s look deeper: while bosses are still down in the dumps about the here and now, they’re feeling more optimistic about what’s ahead. So it’s not party time just yet, but any good news is welcome right now.

Why Should I Care?

For you personally: Darkest before dawn.
Economic indicators like the Ifo are an important litmus test for economic health, but it’s not a great idea for stock investors to pay the headlines too much heed. See, markets are typically ahead of the game, meaning most stories are yesterday’s news when they break. Case in point: Germany’s most followed stock index, the Dax, was up more than 20% from its lows even before this better-than-expected news rolled in. “It’s darkest before dawn” might be a well-worn idiom in finance, then, but it’s popular for a reason: canny investors think about what’s to come, not what’s already happening.

For markets: No such thing as a one-way bet.
It looked like the pound was about to join the euro at the dollar-parity party for a while, due to Britains's cost-of-living crisis and the Federal Reserve’s seemingly endless rate hikes. But news out of the UK and Europe’s brightened of late, and the greenback’s gone into reverse. The lesson: nothing’s a sure bet in investing, and you’d do well to remember it when your savings are on the line.

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