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Today's big stories

  1. Rivian reported worse-than-expected results and that looks set to continue
  2. How to pick crypto projects that can keep their competitive edge – Read Now
  3. The UK economy grew by the most in seven months in January

Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces

What’s Going On Here?

Rivian gave a worse-than-expected update late last week, but the carmaker’s lacking all the right stuff it needs to put itself back together again.

What Does This Mean?

Rivian’s first quarter as a public company was destined to be tough: it admitted in December that it wasn’t going to make enough electric vehicles (EVs) to reach its 2021 production targets. So with only 909 EVs delivered last quarter, Rivian brought in just $54 million in sales – 10% lower than analysts were expecting.

Rivian’s 83,000 customer pre-orders might sound like the road to recovery, but it just can’t make enough cars to keep up: it’s only made about 1,400 so far this year. And don’t expect many more anytime soon: it said it’ll struggle to get key parts for its EVs while supply issues continue, so it’s halved this year’s production expectations to 25,000.

Why Should I Care?

For markets: Buyers are moving on.
Rivian boasted a $153 billion market value at its peak last year, but that’s since dropped to under $40 billion (tweet this). After all, it’s had its fair share of problems on top of those production issues. For one, Rivian’s proposed price hike brought about intense backlash from some customers earlier this month, with plenty of them canceling their orders. And for another, Amazon – which agreed to buy 100,000 vans from Rivian – said in January that it’ll also start buying electric vans from rival carmaker Stellantis in the future, passing up any more orders with Rivian.

The bigger picture: Follow the market leader.
Rivian’s taking a leaf out of Tesla’s book: it announced plans to start using new LFP batteries in its EVs, just like the market leader did back in October. Looks like the right time to switch: the batteries sacrifice some driving range, sure, but they don’t use nickel or cobalt – two key battery metals that have soared in price since war broke out in Europe.

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Analyst Take

How To Make Sure Your Crypto Investments Don’t Get Forked Over

How To Make Sure Your Crypto Investments Don’t Get Forked Over
Photo of Reda

Reda, Analyst

What’s Going On Here?

Legendary investor Warren Buffett always looks at a company’s “economic moat” before he invests in its stock.

Simply put, that tells him about the company’s ability to keep an edge over the competition, and protect its profit and market share.

You can do the same before investing in a crypto project – and you should.

After all, most crypto projects are open source, meaning they’re quite susceptible to competitors copying – or “forking” – their code to build a competing project.

But some projects have a usefulness that can’t be easily forked by a competitor, and that serves as their economic moats.

So that’s today’s Insight: the five ways to assess a crypto project’s economic moat.

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RIP iPhone?

According to Business Insider, Apple is preparing for “the death of the iPhone”.

That’s arguably a bit dramatic, but there’s truth in it: iPhone sales have been slowing down lately, and the tech giant has undoubtedly been shifting focus onto its subscriptions.

But it’s not done with hardware yet. It reportedly has some new technology up its sleeve that it’s already trialing in prototype form in existing iPhones operating systems.

And The Motley Fool thinks one small company that manufactures the tiny components essential to this tech could benefit substantially.

Get the full story with The Motley Fool.

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Good Tippers

Good Tippers

What’s Going On Here?

Data out on Friday showed that the UK economy grew at its fastest in seven months in January, as newly free Brits spent good money on some very overdue nights out.

What Does This Mean?

A spike in Omicron cases kept Brits inside over the festive period, causing the economy to shrink in December. But they sure made up for that in January: folk in the UK spent so much time and money out socializing that the services sector bounced back, bolstered by the retail and hospitality industries. All that merriment helped the economy grow 0.8% in January from December, its fastest growth since June last year and way above the 0.1% gain analysts expected. And get this: the economy even ended up 0.8% higher than before the pandemic struck in February 2020.

Why Should I Care?

For markets: Brits are downers.
It wasn’t all good news, mind you: a Bank of England (BoE) survey out on Friday showed UK consumers were more pessimistic about inflation last month than they have been since the financial crisis back in 2008. Maybe they’re right to be concerned: Goldman Sachs economists now predict inflation will peak at 9.5% later this year, and stay as high as 7% until early next year. And since it’s the BoE’s job to keep inflation in check, analysts reckon that could spur the central bank to raise interest rates for the third time later this week.

The bigger picture: Here today…
Russia’s war is causing more problems for flailing supply chains and sending prices soaring across the board. Mix that with rate hikes, and households will feel the squeeze on their finances. The UK’s comeback could be short-lived then: with less cash in Brits’ pockets, consumer spending – a key driver of the economy – could take a hit. Some economists even think the country’s economic growth could drastically slow as soon as next quarter, and end up around 1% lower this year as a result.

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“Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.”

– Sarah Louise Delany (an American educator and civil rights pioneer)
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